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Yeah,  wedding dress fitting….

After months of anxious waiting, your wedding dress has arrived and you are all excited about your first wedding dress fitting.   “Will it fit properly and how’s it going to look on me” might send shivers of anticipation down your spine.

So what to wear for this wedding dress fitting is a commonly asked question.  You need to bring the all the right “props” to this wedding dress fitting to ensure that your “props” suits your wedding dress.

What we ask you to bring to your wedding dress fitting

The 2 most important “props” to bring would be proper undergarment and shoes in the height you wish to wear on your wedding day.

Of course if you have wedding jewelries and/or hair accessories you have already bought or borrowed, bring them along to see how they look with your wedding dress.

Why do you need to wear proper undergarment for your wedding dress fitting?

Courtesy from the Bra Bar

Courtesy from the Bra Bar

The reason you want to wear the actual wedding undergarments to your wedding dress fitting is to ensure that it fits well with your wedding dress.

As most wedding dresses are properly boned with sewn in bra cups, some bridal torsolette or push up bra you wear may cause your breast to spill over the top and you may prefer to go braless if this happens.

However, if you are top heavy, you would definitely need a good support bra or the weight of your breast would pull down the top of your wedding dress and this will not look good on your wedding day.  A quick fit may be to add spaghetti straps or thicker straps to provide additional support.

When you wear your actual wedding bra during your wedding dress fitting, we will check if we need to stitch in studs to prevent the bra peeping over the top of your wedding dress OR sew holding loops on the back to keep the bra from riding up and occasionally we may need to relocate the place-holder for the bra straps.

Why do you need to wear shoes during your wedding dress fitting?

Courtesy from Benelli shoes

Courtesy from Benelli shoes

You want to be sure that you can walk down the aisle gracefully without having to hold onto your wedding dress as you would need your hands for your wedding bouquet and later to shake hands with all your lovely guests.

As the hem of your actual wedding dress may fall differently from that of the sample you tried, wear shoes in the height you wish to wear during your wedding day.  The height of the heels will impact on how high or low the wedding dress hem is from the floor.

Even with custom hem, there is always +/- variations of 1”.  This way you will have time to change shoes height or alter the hem of your wedding dress.


Other things you might want to bring to your wedding dress fitting

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

If you have bought or borrowed some wedding accessories or have a veil that you would like to try with your wedding dress, bring these along to your fitting.

Until you have tried them with your wedding dress, you can’t be sure that those accessories you have chosen would enhance or distract from the look you want to present on your special day.