Coronavirus aka Covid19 virus behaviour:

  • Obstruct respiratory pathways with thick mucous that solidifies and block airways and lungs.


What you can do to safeguard yourself

  1. Wash hands regularly with any soap that foams for 20 seconds and wash thoroughly.
  2. Avoid touching your face – The virus enter your systems through your eyes, mouth or nose and will remain in your throat for a few days before it gets into your lungs
  3. Virus attach to hair and clothes – any detergent or soap kills it.  Head straight to shower & wash hair immediately upon returning home (do not even sit down).  If you can’t wash your clothes everyday – hang them out in direct sunlight.
  4. Wash or wipe down metalic surfaces carefully with any soap as virus remain viable for upto 9 days.
  5. Eat fruits and veges to elevate not only your vitamin C but also zinc level.
  6. Don’t smoke.
  7. Avoid getting the common flu which will weaken your system and make you more susceptable.
  8. If you feel any discomfort in throat or a sorethroat coming on, attack immediately with the following methods.
    1. Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash, salt, vinegar or lemon every day where possible
    2. Drink lots of hot drinks – coffee, tea, soup, warm water etc.
    3. Avoid eating or drinking cold things.
    4. In addition, take a sip of warm water every 20 mins to keep your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that enter into your mouth into the stomach where gastric juices will neutralise it before it can get to your lungs.