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It’s extremely stressful and very challenging times for couples affected by Covid19 trying to figure out what youre going to do with your planned wedding – to proceed, postpone or cancel?

It’ll all depends on what you and your fiancé decides together.

Proceed while in lockdown

Lockdown wedding

If getting married is the most important thing for you both – then you might still proceed while in lockdown and maybe reschedule the celebration to a later date or cancel the reception altogether.

Remember its 5-person max = the couple, marriage celebrant and 2 witnesses only.

Therefore our suggestion is to find 2 witnesses who are:-

  • family members so at least you’ve family by your side on your wedding day, OR
  • someone able to multitask (better still if also family) – able to set up camera to take photos or video or life-stream the ceremony so you have beautiful memories to share.

Remember to advice all your guests and vendors re-the change of plans.

If you intend to hold your reception when the lockdown is over – plan and work with your venue + vendors to work out possible dates.

Postpone to another day

If you both feel that celebrating your love with family and friends is of utmost importance on your special date, then you would of course chose to postpone to a future date when all travel restrictions are lifted.

Most vendors are very understanding and realise this is a situation out of all our control and willing to work with you to reschedule the day.  If you need a wedding dress or alterations – although we are temporary close, happy to have a chat anytime.  You could also contact us via Facebook

We're In this together

Do check early with your venue + vendors re their availability for your “new date”.  Your venue and some of your vendors might not be able to work with you to create your dream wedding on your chosen “new date” and you might need to start searching for “replacements”.

Cancel the wedding

During this stressful time it’s a real test on your relationship and sadly some couples may not get through the crisis together and had to cancel the wedding.  We hope you both seek couples counselling before taking this drastic decision.

If you are definitely cancelling your wedding – you would need to check with your vendors what penalties you will face with cancellations.