Many unscrupulous on-line dress stores often target Australian buyers with their absolutely professional looking websites with gorgeous original designers photos BUT fail to inform that what you see is NOT what you get.

Due to travel distance, many of you may chose to buy your evening dresses online to avoid the hassle of a shopping trip to Perth that would require lots of planning, travel time and expenses that could potentially reduce your dress budget.   

Many who have purchased evening dresses online from dodgy online stores ended up making last minute trips to Perth and with Perth dress shops spread over so many suburbs and your unfamiliarity of locations, dashing from stores to stores to find a perfect prom dress can be really stressful.

Customers come to us from as far north as Kununurra all the way down south from Albany looking to purchase last minute replacement ball dresses for their school ball as the dresses bought online were poor quality imitation dresses.

At this late stage, sometimes we are unable to help you as we may not have the dress you like in your size.

Quite often there are scenes where tired upset parents tried to push stressed out girls to get just any dress that fit and is within their budget as they have already lost money on the other dress.

But you DON’T WANT JUST ANY DRESS, its the first most important event in your young life, you want to look SPECTACULAR.

We understand that and will endeavour to help you find the perfect dress.  If we don’t have it in store, we will often point you to nearby stores we know that might have the styles you like and hopefully you will find your dream ball dress!

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