Dress Sizes are just numbers, as long as you find the style that suit you in your proper dress size, you will look great no matter what dress size you are.

Many of us have body image issues, we are just so obsessed with dress sizes, thinking we need to slim down to look as good as supermodels for our special event.

A few weeks ago, customer A (Size 0, 170+cm tall) came in to custom order her ball dress bringing a friend B (Size 10, about 155cm tall) who was also looking for a prom gown to the same event.

A loves the gown she selected because it was elegant, figure hugging yet not showing off too much as she’s self-conscious of her bony frame.  B wanted her to try on showy dresses which she obligingly did and although she looks spectacular in all the gowns because they were in the right size, she still loved her own choice.

Came B’s turn and she wanted to try the same gowns she pulled out for A.  We told her the gowns are too small but she insisted she’s just a size bigger than A.  We tried to recommend her gowns in her size but she refuses to try those, insisting on squeezing into the too small dresses and got really upset because she didn’t look good in the gowns that didn’t fit.

Kept saying she’s too fat – tried to re-assure her that in the right size she’ll look great.  Then she asked “so what’s the right size a girl has to be to look great”.

What we meant was that if you try evening dresses in the correct size for you – then that’s the right size.  We have dressed girls of all sizes including pregnant ladies in the same dress style and they all look absolutely beautiful because it was in the CORRECT DRESS SIZE.