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“Design your own wedding dress” guide:-

A bride-to-be told us “I’ve been been to many bridal shops and had spending hours on websites looking for my wedding dress but just couldn’t find a style I like, I know exactly what I want but just could’t find it.  Don’t think I’ll ever find my dream wedding dress“.

Book an obligation free appointment with us to start your journey in creating your dream wedding dress.

You can “design your own wedding dress” exactly as you’ve envisage what you would be wearing on your wedding day.

1.  Work out your wedding dress budget.  Custom design dresses could cost more than ready styles just as a “create your taste burger” at Maccas cost more than just their standard burgers.  Be upfront with your budget when you meet with wedding dress consultants/designers, as it would save you time and unnecessary stress if they can’t work within your budget to design your own wedding dress.  Sometimes you’ll be surprised that it actually works out cheaper than ordering a ready style and have alterations done.

2.  It takes longer to produce a custom design wedding dress from scratch, please allocate EXTRA TIME in your wedding plan. Standard delivery for ready styles are usually about 6 months.  Schedule an extra couple of months for a custom design wedding dress.  If you do not have sufficient time, please ask if there’s a RUSH ORDER option.

3.  Download pictures of all the wedding dresses that have certain aspect that you love such as this neckline, this shape, this color etc.  Anything that can be used as the basis in the creation of your custom design wedding gown.  “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Keep these pictures together in a folder to bring to your appointment with your wedding dress consultants/designers.

4.  Most wedding dress boutiques sell ready styles only.  Ring up to check if the bridal stores have the option for you to design your own wedding dress.

5.  Book an appointment with us or other bridal consultants/designers to start the journey to create your very own custom design wedding dress – the earlier you start the process, the less stress that would be.