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The ideal bridesmaid dresses

Finding bridesmaid dresses to suit your entire bridal party is not an easy task as they are not of the same shape, skin tone and have their own styling preference.

The more bridesmaids you have, the harder it is to come to a consensus particularly on the style, colors and cost.

If you watched the movie BRIDESMAIDS you’ll know what I mean.

Tips for the Bride

Its your wedding, hence you really need to be decisive on your wedding theme colors.  Discuss color palettes with your entourage before you proceed to find the style.

When you invite someone to be your bridesmaid, you need to discuss who’s paying for what.  Understand their financial status because quite often we see friendship break because someone in the bridal party might not have realize that they couldn’t afford to be a bridesmaid.  Its not just the price of the bridesmaid dresses, there’s the hens night, hair & make-up, shoes and accessories too.

Advice to all bridesmaids-to-be

You feel absolutely overjoyed that your friend wants you to be one of her bridesmaids.   The feeling that you are important to the bride and all the fun stuff you are going to do could blind you to the costs and time involved of being a bridesmaid.

So before you agree, be sure you have the time, can afford and is happy to pay for whatever is involved for your role – the bridesmaid dress which might also incur alteration costs, the shoes, accessories, hair & make-up and the hen’s night and in some culture the kitchen tea costs.

Be upfront with what you could afford, if what the bride has in mind is way above your head, let her know that you are honored to be invited and love to be one but just couldn’t afford it.  Rather then struggling to keep up with the cost and maybe had to pull out halfway through and sour your relationship with the bride.

This way, the bride has the option to invite someone else or offer to top up the difference if she could afford it and is adamant to have you as her bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid dresses shopping tips

Once you’ve got the budget, then go looking for bridesmaid dresses in the price range that everyone’s agreeable on. Not much point looking at dresses way above the budget unless the bride is willing to top up the difference.

If the budget is really low, trying looking out for sales items as early as possible as you may not be able to find the exact color and sizes to fit all your bridesmaids and may need to compromise on the colors or style.

For goodness sake, whatever you do, DO NOT try to buy cheap substitute online for the style you all tried and love from a bridal store.  Reputable labels selling at bridal stores WILL NOT sell their dresses online.

What you receive are imitation bridesmaid dresses that you may have to spend a fortune trying to alter to look reasonably presentable.  Sometimes, you may even have the stress of finding last minute replacements as the bridesmaid dresses you receive are absolutely hideous.

Bridesmaid dresses ordering time-frame

Different designers’ have different delivery time-frame for their bridesmaid dresses, generally about 3-4 months from the date of ordering as most bridesmaid dresses are custom made from scratch once an order is placed.

Many brides knew they have to organize their wedding dress at least 6 months before their wedding date but they totally forget that if they want bridesmaid dresses in their color choice, those bridesmaid dresses also need to be tailored especially for them which may take anywhere between 6-12 weeks.  Then there’s shipping to the store and alterations might be needed, so please plan ahead for these eventualities.

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