WHY we stock unique wedding dresses from Europe

As a wedding dress designer & seamstress, I love creating unique wedding dresses for all my beautiful brides.   However I do not copy other designer’s gowns as:-

  • I respect their creativity and the amount of work they put into bringing their design to life.
  • Although they may not have patented or copyright the design, as a designer I would not infringe on their work.
  • Wedding dresses are not mass produced, each and every piece is individually made – its a work of art and hence each work is unique and impossible to copy 100% due to variance in pattern-making, fabric and lace and individual seamstress skills.

Hence when a brides shows me a picture of what they love, my question would be, do you love it as it?

If you only like the look but there are changes you’ll like incorporated, then we will work together to create your very own custom design dream wedding gown.

If you love it as it is, I will endeavour to help you find the designer of that gown and point you to their nearest stockist.  However not every designer has a stockist in Perth though.

For this very reason, we stock unique wedding dresses from Europe – small labels that would work with me to provide custom sizing as most of us are never the exact labels’ sizes and would need some sort of alterations.  To me fit is crucial for my beautiful brides.

Its your special day so your dream wedding dress should have that WOW factor yet classy look so it shouldn’t be ill fitting.  We want you to “have the million dollar look” without that price tag.

Our advise is to keep your mind open when choosing a wedding dress.  You’ll want to look unique, therefore be daring choose something different – not something you would normally wear and go for your FAVOURITE colour – the colour you look great in.

Your groom’s reaction when he sees you walking down the aisle in a spectacularly beautiful wedding gowns from our European labels would definitely be worth it.  Also, all your guests will definitely be stun your at how glamorous and beautiful you look.

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